Welcome to my channel. My name is Mallory Graham and today I’m going to be talking about how to create new content for your social media when you’re feeling stumped on what to create next.

I have felt this way myself and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from my clients. Today’s process has helped me go from having no ideas to having 30 to 50 ideas that I can run with and expand on. So if you’re looking for a simple and easy to use three step process that can help you in creating new content ideas when you’re really feeling stuck, then keep on watching. Now, before we get into it, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell so that you get notified of my next video.


Step number one for creating new content is to have a creative brainstorm day. If you’re limited on time, make it a one to two hour brainstorming session. In these brainstorming sessions you want to make sure you’re standing up or moving around to get those creative juices flowing. When you’re brainstorming, what you’re doing is you’re asking questions, and the quality of those questions will equal the quality of your brainstorm, and therefore the quality of your content and your ideas.

Now, there are three basic groups of questions that you want to focus on in your brainstorm session. The first group of questions is centered around the main question. 

  • What are your customers’ problems?  
  • What are some of the things that they’re struggling with
  • What do they want to be better at? 

And what is it that keeps them up at night? The second group of questions is around.

  • How can we better serve and how can we help you better

This is a question that you might want to ask other people. So you could either email customers or put out a survey to collect all of the data all at once, but you definitely want to use this information to figure out some of the answers to this question of how you can serve others better. Now, this also stems of the idea that creating content should really be around your frequently asked questions, and that is what questions do people mostly ask you? How is it that you best help others?  And what is it that you could do to better serve those that you are serving?

Now, the third group of questions for your brainstorming session is centered around.

  • What is possible for your customer? 
  • What is possible for them once they get past?
  • Whatever problem is standing in their way? 
  • What could they accomplish if their problem was solved? 
  • What does their desired state look like and how could you help them in talking about and painting the picture of that desired state of what they want in your content? 

Once you’ve done your brainstorming, all of the answers to the questions that you’ve asked in your brainstorming session can be used as content ideas. These can be used in the form of video, blog post, or whatever you choose.


Now, step two for creating new content. Now, here it’s all about organizing your ideas that you’ve generated in step one by how valid and relevant they are to your audience, and scheduling them based on not only relevance but what makes the most sense naturally in how they are presented to your audience. By this I mean if there are more introductory topics, then you may want to present those topics first, and then reference those topics later on when you are presenting content that may be more intermediate or advanced, or maybe more specific topics that you can reference back to the introductory ones. The validating portion of this step can be considered very important because what it means is figuring out if the topics are in demand or if they are of high quality or not.

Now, when looking at quantitative data like search volume on Google or YouTube, this can be very useful, and validation in that regard is great. However, if you’re thinking of validation in the sense of whether these topics are good or whether they’re, trying to predict whether they are going to perform well, it is almost impossible to predict how well a certain piece of content is going to perform or how well it’s going to be received by your audience. So sometimes it’s just best to try out pieces of content and see what sticks. 

Do you guys use any special tools or techniques to validate your content and try to predict the quality of it?

Let me know in the comments below.

Now, let’s move on to step number three. 


Step number three for creating new content is to execute. At this point you’ve done a great brainstorm and generated a bunch of ideas. You’ve worked on a schedule that flows nicely and starts with introductory topics and then branches out to more specific topics referencing back to the introductory topics. You’ve worked on a schedule that flows nicely and makes sense in terms of starting with intros and then referencing backwards, and now it’s time to start creating the content.

So let’s say we’ve got four separate content ideas, and we know we want to create videos for them that are released weekly. So that will equal one month’s worth of content. Perfect, right? So I would recommend following these four steps to batch create one full month worth of content. Now, the reason that you want to batch create your content is because it is a proven fact that our productivity decreases as we jump from task to task too often, and it is also a proven fact that you will be much more focused on a specific task. You get in a rhythm of performing that task and you build off the momentum from yourself. You’ll see what I mean here in just a sec.

So let’s start off with our first step which is day one. 

Day # 1 for executing our content is to script and plan our videos. Now, this goes for all four videos, and create outlines if you choose to do blog posts instead of videos. There are many script templates out there that you can follow for creating a blog post or creating a video script. 

Day # 2 for executing your content is to film all four video, and you want to be writing all four blog posts if you choose to be doing blog posts instead of videos. Now, this might seem like a lot. Write four blog posts of film four videos in a day? What the (beep)? But I’m telling you, you will already have an outline or a script, and once you get on a rhythm of writing or filming your videos, it’s better to just keep going than to stop and then restart that rhythm again the next time that you think it’s time to film or to write. Not to mention for your videos, setting up your equipment and your set if you have one, getting your makeup on and things like that, that takes time, so batching your filming can really help with time because you’re, you’ve already done all that preparation for that day’s activity.

Day # 3 – Now, for day three you want to edit all of your videos. Have an editor to edit the videos or send your blog post to someone else to read them over for over that day or over a couple of days. 

Day #4 – Day number four is to optimize and schedule all four videos. Now, this involves getting your videos to look good on YouTube or whatever platform you’re using to publish them, formatting your blog posts on WordPress or whatever blogging platform that you use, inserting the proper keywords and tags, and descriptions to either your blog or your video to make sure that they will perform the best that they possibly can. Now, executing each day might take the full day for the first few months that you’re creating content, but then as you learn and as you go, it might take you only half a day to complete each of the steps. Now, these days will be intense, but I’d highly recommend it because then you can feed of the momentum of each of your tasks when you’re fully engaged and fully working on them, and then you’ll be rip-roaring to go for the next month because you won’t feel exhausted from just completing a video or a blog post a couple of days ago.

So now you know the simple and easy to use three step process for creating new content when you’re really feeling stuck. So if you’re looking for a step by step process for creating a full digital marketing strategy, download my digital marketing guide at the link in the description. If you liked this video, please let me know by hitting the like button, let me know what you liked about it in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe and share it with your friends. Thank you so much for watching guys. I hope you have an amazing day and I’ll see you next time.