Time and time again I’ve seen content marketing mistakes that are preventing businesses from seeing results from all of their hard work. So if you want to know the three steps that you need to follow in order to start seeing results for your content strategy, then keep on watching. Now, before we get into the three steps, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell so you get notified of my next video.

The first step for your content marketing strategy is to understand that it is not about you. This goes for all things marketing and branding, anything that affects your customers. The colors, the atmosphere, the content that you’re creating should be about the pain that your customers are experiencing, and you should be focusing on the pain points that you are healing for your customers.

This is probably the biggest mistake that businesses make: they center their marketing efforts and their branding and their content around them, around talking about themselves, benefits that their products or services have, and their own success stories. And that’s okay some of the time.

But a vast majority of the time your content should be talking about what is wrong, and the pain that your customers are in, understanding those pains and then coming around to what those solutions will be. Because disturbing that pain and reminding them of it is how you’re going to get their attention in the sea of content craziness.

But how do you find this shit out? Well, the first thing you can do is just ask them. Make a habit of giving a shit about your customers enough so that you ask them about their pain points all the time. Learn about what keeps them up at night. You always want to be asking these questions because it’s not just good for content, it’s also good for, hello, building a relationship with your customer. It will also improve your relationship with people.

The second step for taking your content strategy to the next level is having a strong keyword game. Figure out which keywords are actually in demand, meaning that lots of people have searched them compared to other keywords. Google Keyword Finder can be very useful for this.

Or, if you’re on the keyword lookout all of the time, download the Keywords Everywhere browser extension which will tell you the popularity of the keywords that you’re searching, other relevant keywords, and suggested keywords. It will also tell you the cost per click on each of those keywords.

It is crucial to do this keyword research, as it could make a piece of content successful or not just by using the right words. For example, “custom home” versus “custom home builder”. If you start writing content around being a custom home builder, and you’re not sure which keyword to use because you haven’t done your research, you could have a great piece of content, but it won’t get picked up as much because people aren’t actually searching the keyword that you’ve thought they are.

If you are looking for keywords to use for your content, another great tool is called Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo shows you the content that has the most social shares. You go to Buzzsumo, type in the keywords of the content that you’re looking for, and it will show you the pieces of content that have the most buzz. You can see what keywords are getting the most buzz around the social media world.

Do you guys test out different keywords, or do you find out what works and then stick to it? If you test out your keywords, let me know by commenting below with “yes”, and if you don’t, comment below with “no”.

Step three in creating a kick-ass content marketing strategy is to repurpose or splinter your content as much as possible. Businesses often make the mistake of not splintering their content enough. They create a blog post, or create a video, and then leave it at that. They don’t repurpose pieces of that content to create more and more content.

Splintering your content means creating micro-videos from longer videos, making a video from a blog post, making a blog post from a video, making a quotation image post to use on social media, take photos from your video and use those for social media. You can take one long form content and break it down, again and again, to create 10 times as many pieces of content, content that your audience might see and that might resonate with them.

Marketers used to call it the rule of seven: you needed to see content seven times before you would actually remember it. But now I think it’s something like 17 times you need to see content before you will actually remember it.

It’s important to understand that there will never be too much content. There is so much content being published out there that, if you release more and more content, it just means that you are going to be able to compete with all of the other distractions and content that is existing. You will never be creating too much content.

So let’s go through a quick example of splintering. Let’s say we have an electrical business and we create a video, a step-by-step process for how to install a light fixture. Once you’ve completed this video and uploaded it to YouTube, you can then load this video into Rev and get the transcription from that video. You can then create a blog post from the transcription from that Seven Steps to Installing a Light Fixture video.

You could then create mini video clips to use on social media for each individual step of that process, and just release them on different days. You could capture close-up images of each of the steps, and then use as image posts on social media.

So let’s say there were 10 steps in that process. You would then have one long form video, one long form blog post, seven mini-videos for social media, and at least seven image posts for social media. That’s what splintering is, and that’s what you guys should be doing for all of your medium to long form pieces of content.

So now you know the three steps for creating a content marketing strategy that will give you real results. If you are looking for a step-by-step process for creating a digital marketing strategy, download my digital marketing guide available at the link in the description.

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